Scavenger Hunt Sunday #8

Our daughters and their families visited last weekend.  Great family time together.

Less is More

Less color and  less in the picture and the less said is more and her expression said it all.

Holiday Lights

The tree is all lit and ready for the season.   Most of our ornaments are home made as shown below.


Some of the ornaments on the tree shown above.  My wife made these over ten years ago.  What a a heritage.

Cup of Cheer

Man does not live by chocolate alone but women can.  This will cheer up anyone during the season.


A very simpley cut nativity we have had for a few years.  My son in law gave this to us.  We just love it’s simplicity.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday #8" (16)

  1. That is a PERFECT cup of cheer. You sure know the way to a woman’s heart 🙂

  2. What a little cutie in your less is more. Love the nativity.

  3. Love your cup of cheer, and so true. I love your first shot. And the nativity is lovely

  4. What a cutie!
    You have a lovely tree! I love the reflection of the lights as well.
    I will take that cup of cheer anyday!!!

  5. Your Christmas tree is gorgeous. Also, consider me cheered. I love chocolate!

  6. What a nice tree you have! Your nativity set is really nice too!

  7. Love your cup of cheer so true…..

  8. What a festive set of shots! Your cup of cheer would be welcomed by anyone! I love this time of year – the photo ops are endless!

  9. Love your cup of cheer!!!

  10. The cup of cheer looks yummy! Can I have some?

    Of course I also love less is more, and your tree picture with the reflection in the window looks nice.

  11. I love your cup of cheer! Adorable baby and beautiful holiday decorations!

  12. Another fabulous cup of cheer- that sure would make me cheerful!

  13. You can bring me a cup of cheer!!

  14. Great work – really like your holiday lights!

  15. I love your homemade ornaments, what a treasure for your family! Also, that cup of cheer looks delicious!

  16. love less is more….

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