Scavenger Hunt Sunday #7

This weeks prompts were very fun.  I had a great time watching for these pictures. Working at the airport means I get to take pictures of airplanes and you get to see the results.


The setting sun helped make a great portrait of a friends aircraft just before he left for home.


My Father’s saddle has found a place in our house.  I remember the Christmas he got this saddle.  Lots of memories surrounded with this year’s memories yet to be unwrapped.


We measure time.  This is a picture of the works of a clock which is measuring TIME.

Full of light

This shot is of the mountains just north of where I work on an early morning.  The three mountains were so full of light I could not resist this picture.  A few seconds later it was all gone.


In over 40 years of flying this was only the third time I have seen the propeller creating vapor trails showing the motion of the propeller.  I was very lucky to get it to show in the picture.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday #7" (14)

  1. Woww ..amazing motion photo! What a cool shot. I also love the portrait photo as well, beautiful sunset!

  2. Love them all! great set

  3. What an awesome motion shot! I’ve never seen anything like that! Actually, they are all lovely photos and I love your nostalgic story!

  4. That motion shot is great. I also have never seen anything like it. Your full of light shot is beautiful.

  5. Your last 2 shots are absolutely fantastic!!! You are lucky to be able to photograph from the sky….. beautiful shots.

  6. Great photos!
    I especially like Time – I thought of using a clock face, but it never occured to me to use the clock’s innards!
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  7. I love your first shot – that is gorgeous.

  8. I don’t think I can pick a favorite although the trails are very cool. And since I’m very particular to mountains and horses, the saddle and the light coming over mountains are awesome!

  9. Your portrait shot’s background is stunning! I love the motion too. What a great capture!

  10. Amazing shots here . . . my favourite is the motion or maybe full of light. Close call! Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Awesome series. The Vapor Trail for your Motion photo is fabulous.

  12. I also love that full of light image. Very beautiful!

  13. It’s so much fun to see snippets of everyone’s life through their cameras. A fun series of shots! I’m new to the scavenger hunt and just loving what others do!

  14. I love your motion photo! And your time shot, its cool to see the inside of the clock!

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