Scavenger Hunt Sunday #6

With my wife’s birthday and the holiday weekend we decided to go SOUTH to warmer weather and a place where we could get some pictures for the listed prompts.


Waiting to be swept away after a summer of working.


You won’t find foliage like this where we live, my wife and I went to St George for the Thanksgiving holiday and I took these pictures while we were there. We just kept say “It’s sure is nice down here!”


I caught the four ancient monster in a farmer’s field in Geniva Idaho. This is the farmer’s way of recycling old machinery parts. I love his creativity and his willingness to share. You may recognize some of these creatures parts.

Knife , Fork or Spoon

Knife, fork or spoon, your choice, all are available in one tool or they come apart to have each separately available.

Rules of Thirds

These are archive photos, the first was taken at Jenny Lake in Teton Nation Park. The second was was taken from the air, a sunrise shot of Mount Moran on a hazy morning, also part of the park.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday #6" (9)

  1. We always watch for those fun statues made from farm equipment whenever we come to visit- the boys love them!

    I love your fork, knife and spoon picture. It’s very clever.
    I also like that first picture of the Tetons behind Jenny Lake. Very beautiful and a great composition.

  2. Ha your candid had me laughing love your fork knife and spoon shot. I thought about that too.

  3. Wonderful shots. I love your farm equipment monster shots. So creative. Your rule of thirds shots are breathtaking and I really like the waiting shot.

  4. The mountain shots are beautiful, but those first two shots are my favorites! The yellows are just gorgeous!

  5. Really very interesting candid shots…thanks for sharing those with us all.

  6. Beautiful rule of thirds! The candid is something very unique.

  7. Love your rule of thirds shots….beautiful!

  8. my favorite is Waiting! but I love those field sculptures too. that’s a wonderful way to recycle parts and be a little creative at the same time. thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello, I truly appreciate that. happy week to you.

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