Scavenger Hunt Sunday #4

The cookie is gone

Out my window yesterday afternoon in black and white

Out my window last evening.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Before and After

Framed and highlighted blurred the edges.

Opposing Lines

Natures lines in the first picture and mans lines in Little Cottonwood canyon in Utah.

Custom Bokeh

Which pair of shoes should I wear?

Men think different from Women.  This is My idea of what shoes should I wear today.


A man’s choice versus a woman’s choice

Little Features

Grandpa’s hands with a granddaughter. (Honey Mommy’s Daughter)


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday #4" (5)

  1. Love your photos! It’s nice to see a different perspective. Just wonderful!

  2. Nicely done – I really like your opposing lines!

  3. The opposing lines really are gorgeous! The “shoes” on your Razr made me laugh. I am really impressed that you got a custom bokeh without a DSLR. Great job!

    Of course I love that baby’s hands too!

  4. I absolutely love your set! It is comical to see a man’s perspective on some of these things!

  5. The cookie being gone made me smile. 🙂 What a beautiful shot of the moon!!! the road in Utah is one I do not want to be driving on! I have not learned yet how to do bokeh and so I find the pictures fascinating. Yours, with all the colors, is so festive. And the last picture, with the two hands, is precious. 🙂

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