Scavenger Hunt Sunday #3

A group of my friends and a couple of our wives went on a trail ride this week.  We thought it would be on a dirt road with a few rough places.  We were following what is called the Hole In the Rock trail.  In 1879-1880 winter a group of Mormon settlers left to settle what would become Bluff, Utah.  70 wagons with families went on this trip.  The journey was supposed to take 6 weeks to make a trail 200 miles over country no one had traveled before, it took 6 months to make the trip and 3 babies were born on the trip.  Great history and what a ride.  Enjoy some of the views.


Food for thought.  These wagon track were made over 135 years ago.  These people did not think a thing about what they had to do.  We wouldn’t either.


Nature has wonderful colors. I could not chose between these so both are posted.

In Disguise

When the prompts were posted my wife told me what they were and I thought she said “in da sky”  I thought this fit.


Wonderful open shape in the red rocks, what do you see?

Photographer’s Choice

This is a picture from the top of the hill looking out across the path the wagon train took.

More Photo’s from our trip

I titled this natures mixing bowl.  Large rock become round and small.

The group we went with at lunch. Do you see a trail here?

This is our ride.  Where does the trail go from here?

This is the kind of ride that put my wife off this kind of ride.

IT really scared her.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday #3" (13)

  1. beautiful shots!! Your capture of the moon is great

  2. I can’t imagine having to take that trail in a wagon train. My goodness, people were really brave.
    I think your interpretations are great. All the shots are breathtaking. Couldn’t choose a favorite if i had to.

  3. Very creative prompts.

  4. Looks like a beautiful area! In de sky is lovely!

  5. Great interpretations! Love your ‘in da sky” shot.

  6. These are all stunning! Love the in disguise!

  7. “In da sky”….literally laughing right now! That is just great! I’m glad you “misunderstood” because your capture with the moon is just wonderful. And I like your interpretation of “food” too.


  8. Wonderful creative takes on the prompts!! I love the wagon tracks! Beautiful reminder of where we’ve been.

  9. How neat – I really like all of your shots from your hike this week. Very clever!

  10. Fun how you can get all the prompts in one place. Food for thought – very clever, and I do love how the moon is directly above the rocks!

  11. Wow how amazing that you used all the prompts for this outing. Everything fits perfectly and the photo’s were just wonderful.

  12. I love your photographer’s choice. It is a beautiful photo!

  13. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

    These turned out great! The Opposing Lines are awesome.


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