Scavenger Hunt Sunday #2


Close up of the cookie just before it disappeared. (Macadamia nut)

Found Texture

After taking this texture picture I decided to show where it came from (picture below).  It is the inside of an aircraft panel and the texture is to keep the panel from vibrating and warping.  It is not the moon surface.

Inside of the aircraft panel.


The wind is a fluid.  We can not see it but we can see the results.  This wind sock is home for the wind indications.


This week it has been cold and when I go to work the windshield and side windows of my car are covered with frost.  I loved the shot from the inside out with a dark background.

The Tree

I must admit this is a little older picture of a Tree in Texas just before sunset with the clouds parting.  Timing is everything and I get lucky a lot.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday #2" (26)

  1. That is one gorgeous tree shot!


  2. I love your found texture and never would have guessed where it came from!

    The frost is cool and your tree shot is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. The tree shot is beautiful!

  4. LOVE the tree!!!

  5. Wow, that tree shot is something gorgeous

  6. Love your spin on texture and the tree is stunning. Keep warm up there.

  7. wow these are great! love the cover shot and the tree

  8. That tree shot is stunning!

  9. stunning tree shot!

  10. The sunset is just breathtaking, Great capture!

  11. Timing is everything… that tree shot is amazing.

  12. I have to say that that tree shot is stunning – love your take on home aswell and those great frost patterns.

  13. Awesome tree shot! I might be able to do the ice-flowers on my car this morning… got cold here too now.

  14. that TREE is a real eye catcher!

  15. That tree is amazing!!!

  16. I love your though process on the prompts you found. Your cover is a fascinating shot and I LOVE your ‘tree’ – awesome capture!!

  17. Your last shot is amazing. Love that!

  18. No kidding on the timing- that is for sure. WOW that tree is incredible.

  19. The tree picture would be absolutely beautiful framed. I love the frost on the windshield as well, just starting to frost here in Indy.

  20. your tree ” is” just perfect 🙂 but also the frost and I love the life in the wind sock… God’s Spirit … life for us!

  21. All your pictures were great but I especially like cover and tree. If you are ever in my neck of the blog world I would love for you to participate in our weekly photo contest called SHOOT. EDIT. SUBMIT. Great interpretations of each prompt.

  22. the texture shot is very interesting – glad you showed us where it was found! helps put the texture in perspective! your pictures are stunning… I’ll be back to look around.

  23. Your texture shot is amazing….and thanks for showing where it came from. My first guess was that is was footprints on a slushy snowy street…

  24. Amazing tree shot

  25. Great shots! The texture one looks like sand or water, I would have never guessed!

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