Scavenger Hunt Sunday


95MPH at just under 14,000 ft above sea level over the Rockies.


Under the wing of an aircraft of sunrise shadows in Nevada


Sunrise at 13,000 ft over the Windriver mountains going East


Eyes looking at ya on this “fly”

Always look on the bright side

Bright and sunny looking for a great day.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" (10)

  1. I LOVE your orange sunset. It is absolutely gorgeous!

    Your words picture is cool too. There are a lot of words on your first picture, and it’s a good thing that you know what they all mean!

  2. Some great shots especially up high over the Nevada.

  3. Really lovely photos! That “fly” capture is really incredible!

  4. Your bright side is so very cheery . . . makes me smile. Really like your fly, as well.

  5. beautiful sunset colours

  6. Great set – I really love your shot for words.

  7. Fabulous photo’s. Those airplane shots were amazing.
    Loved the photo of the moth and the sunny sunflower. My absolute favorite, the amazing sunset.

  8. These are amazing…how did you manage to capture the fly photo…must have been perfect timing.

  9. Love your entry on Fly

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